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A Grateful Heart

Posted on November 9th, 2010

Every Thanksgiving my family has a tradition that we take turns sharing what we are thankful for that year. It is one of my most favorite traditions because I love taking the time to reflect on the year and how God has carried me through different events. I also enjoy hearing how God has worked in my family members’ lives.

For this upcoming Thanksgiving, I already know what I will share. It came to me today at my six month check-up at my oncologist’s office: No cancer cells detected¬† in my body! What a relief this was to hear, and we are so very grateful.

It’s interesting when you walk through a major health crisis how much more tuned in you become to the simplest blessings. A sunny day. A free evening home with my husband. A stocked pantry. A smile. A new red coat. A favorite song on the radio. A green tea misto. A bright orange leaf. A thoughtful text. I could sit here for a long time listing the blessings that have made my heart swell. I am so grateful for every day God gives me and I want to be intentional about thanking Him for the simple gifts each day.

May we be filled with gratitude this month for the many ways God has shown up for us this year!

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