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Invite Him In

Posted on February 23rd, 2011

The Wednesday Wisdom Well

This well serves a unique drink:
Words that refresh and cause you to think.


Excerpt taken from Stasi Eldredge’s Captivating, pgs 99-100

“You see, we all pretty much handle our brokenness in the same way- we mishandle it. It hurts too much to go there. So we shut the door to that room in our heart and throw away the key…But that does not bring healing. Not at all. It might bring relief- for a while. But never healing. Usually it orphans the little girl in that room, leaves her to fend for herself. The best thing we can do is to let Jesus come in, open the door and invite Him in to find us in those hurting places. It might come as a surprise that Christ asks our permission to come in and heal but He is kind and the door is shut from the inside, and healing never comes against our will. In order to experience His healing we must also give Him permission to come in to the places we have so long shut to anyone. Jesus asks, ‘will you let Me heal you?’”

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