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Olivia Marie

Posted on December 10th, 2012

We are overjoyed and elated with the healthy arrival of our sweet daughter, Olivia Marie. She arrived exactly at noon on November 21, the day before Thanksgiving, and weighed a whopping 8lbs, 6oz and measured 21.5in long. (Thus, the reason for the c-section!) I will never forget the moment when they brought Olivia to me for me to gaze at her face before they cleaned and weighed her. I could hardly believe my beautiful daughter had finally arrived! While the nurses attended to Olivia, the oncologist examined me and reported that everything looked “pristine,” which made the day doubly joyful.

Since coming home two weeks ago, I haven’t had many free moments to update my blog with our exciting news. I know, you must be wondering what in the world have I been doing?!? (ha!) I am loving being a mom and relishing in my new role, but I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t admit that there have been some trying moments. Olivia is especially fussy, and there are many times in between bouncing her up and down the halls that I remind myself that she truly is the answer to my fervent prayers. I am very thankful for our precious gift from God, even if it means we never have peace and quiet again. :)

Since my brain is a bit fuzzy and time is running out between her next feed, I will allow the pictures to speak for me right now. Hopefully soon I can write again, but until then, please know how much I have appreciated your prayers and encouragement throughout this journey!

Right after they gave me Olivia to hold.

Savoring the moment.

A family of three!

I could marvel at this cutie all day!

Just Born!

One Week!

Two weeks!

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