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Olivia’s Milestones and Memories at Age 1

Posted on January 28th, 2014

If you follow my blog, I don’t need to point out that there haven’t been many new posts this year. I have had many thoughts swirling around in my head, but I have two blocks of time that I could write: nap time and night time. The problems with writing during nap time are that Olivia often doesn’t nap consistently and when she does nap, I feel like I have so many things on my list like doing the laundry or taking a shower that by the time I finish my needed tasks, my energetic little one is crying in her crib ready to play. And the problem with writing at night time is that my brain is complete mush by 8:00 and all hope of bringing organization to the thoughts in my brain seems way too daunting.

I do have a list of a several blog posts that I look forward to writing in the future but for now, I have decided that I also want to write about my real life, and much of that right now revolves around my darling Olivia. So without further ado, I thought I would document some of the milestones and memories that mark Olivia’s life right now at age 1…



  • eating bananas, blueberries, quinoa, grapes, pasta, bread, yogurt, cheese
  • reading books and handing them to us to read (many times over)
  • riding on anything that moves (her car, Daddy’s office chair, the laundry basket)
  • swinging and going down the slide
  • playing with animals on her train, farm, and bus and with her picnic basket toy
  • holding up anything that resembles a phone to her ear and talking on it, laughing (apparently I laugh when I talk on the phone?!), and then saying “bye”
  • holding the remotes (which often results in changing the channels!)
  • dancing to music
  • pointing out when people wear hats
  • making animal noises, especially a lamb (she says “baaa” with such gusto!)
  • playing with Olivia the pig jack-n-the-box and saying “bye” after it pops up, and then repeating over and over
  • hugging everything (even her pants when I change her diaper) and then holding them up for us to hug (never before have I wanted to hug a pair of pants but I do it willingly when a little girl holds them up to me in all seriousness!)
  • playing peek-a-boo constantly and loves putting a blanket over her head, my head, or anything else and then loves pulling it off and finding the person/item
  • sitting in chairs her own size
  • singing, especially the B-I-B-L-E or Old McDonald (e-i-e-i-o)
  • taking a bath and splashing in the water
  • eating veggie straws (especially when we’re shopping – we walk in a store and she says “straw!”)
  • clapping
  • pulling all of the hats and purses down from the shelves in my closet and then bringing my shoes to me (especially a pink pair) and wanting me to put them on my feet
  • laughing when we laugh
  • climbing up the stairs
  • clasping her hands together and saying “p” and wanting us to pray (and then laughs when we say “amen”)
  • playing with necklaces around people’s necks
  • climbing in and sitting in small boxes or baskets



  • drinking milk out of her sippy cup (although she is warming up with each day)
  • eating most vegetables
  • taking naps
  • being redirected when she’s into something she shouldn’t be (when she gets caught or mad, she throws her body on the floor and throws her head back!)
  • getting her diaper changed
  • saying goodbye if she is not ready for you to leave
  • being energetic when she first wakes up



  • walking as of 12/26
  • starting to walk longer distances and getting stronger in her steps
  • nursing only before bed
  • signing with her hands “all done” and “more”
  • loving her Kindermusik class and crawls over to sit on her teacher’s lap
  • goes into the church nursery without much problem as well as stays with babysitters at our house without much crying (except maybe right when we leave!)



  • “t t” = thank you (when she gives us something – still working on her saying it when we give her something!)
  • “peas” = please
  • “boos” = boots
  • “buba” = banana
  • “cheese” = cheese
  • “biper” = diaper
  • “Bobba” = Grandma
  • “Papa” = Grandpa
  • “ba” = up
  • “pe” = grapes
  • “p” = pray (not to be confused with grapes!)
  • “be” = bread
  • “pu” = push
  • “straw” = veggie straws
  • “wawa” = water
  • “side” = slide
  • choo-choo” = train
  • “rock, rock”= when she sits and rocks in a rocking chair



  • no hair except a little on top (hence, why she always has a bow in her hair because when she doesn’t, people have called her a boy!)
  • bright, blue eyes
  • petite with a little tummy sticking out
  • sweet dimple on her cheek
  • only four teeth!



  • how much she wants me to hold her or can be found clinging to my legs especially when I am making dinner
  • how much she wants my attention or me playing with her at all times (and holds up a toy and says “uh, uh” until I play with it)
  • how many things cover the floor because she’s pulled things out or down (and how long it takes me to put things aways when she goes to bed!)
  • how she puts the ribbon of her tag blanket in between her fingers while I read her a story before nap or bedtime
  • her sweet voice as she sings in the back seat of the car
  • how she shrieks when she sees a real dog or picture of a dog
  • when she looks at a stranger in the store, smiles and says “hi!”
  • her adorable belly laugh when we tickle her
  • how she babbles in long sentences
  • how she lets me rock her when she’s tired and rests her head on my arm

IMG_4459We love you, sweet Livi girl!


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