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Our Baby Girl’s Room

Posted on November 3rd, 2012

Well, I  know the title of this blog is “Insight for Girls”, but I admit this post won’t offer any deep insights. As we await our sweet daughter, I am checking things off my list (as referenced in the last post) and I am happy to say I finished her nursery. Since many of you have walked this entire journey with me, I thought you’d enjoy seeing some photos of her room! It will be better when she is in these pictures but until then…

As you walk into her room, on the wall to the left is the sweet monogram wall hanging my sister-in-law made for me. I love it and how it draws all of the colors together.

To the left sits her crib, our splurge for the room. My friend and wonderful helper, Sara, and I made the crib skirt from the gray, yellow, and pink Amy Butler fabric, my inspiration for the room. The Olivia basket to the left holds several special blankets that friends and family have lovingly made for us, including the quilt my Grandma made us for our wedding. We also love the quilt our dear family friend made for us hanging on the crib.

The basket has a story too.I bought it a couple of years ago at a thrift store simply because I liked the basket and the price was right. When Jared and I were brainstorming names, “Olivia” was high on the list if she was a girl. It never occurred to me that the name was monogramed on the basket liner until right before we found out she truly was a girl! It is a symbol to me that God was preparing our way even during the difficult years before her arrival. I love the little ways in which He works.

Please notice the wall paint because my mom and dad painted the room for us while we were on vacation. There used to be a mural painted on the wall by the original homeowner, and while it was sweet, it was not the look I envisioned for her room. I love how the gray on the walls brings a peaceful look to her room. I also love the sweet PBK mobile hanging above the crib given to us by good friends. A painting from my sister-in-law will hang behind her crib as well.

In case you thought our gray paint color choice did not represent my girly personality, I had to make sure you noticed one of the best parts of the room: the ceiling! As I mentioned, my parents painted the room for us, although my dad was not completely convinced about the paint we chose for the ceiling. He actually waited until we returned home from vacation before finishing painting it just to be sure the color was what we envisioned. Once our friends installed the white crown molding, Jared and I were quite happy with the look. And I think my dad even likes it now too!

The glider has been the biggest project in the room. I had trouble finding a white reasonably-priced glider and even was praying that God would direct us to the right one. When I stumbled upon one in great condition at a garage sale, I knew I had found it. The only problem was that the fabric did not match the room. My friend, Sara, and I searched online and in stores for the right fabric and finally settled on this gray upholstery fabric. Sara was gracious enough to do the majority of the sewing and measuring and my mom and I hand-stiched each cushion closed when she was finished. I am so happy with how it turned out and grateful to my wonderful in-laws for paying for the project as a baby gift for Olivia.

The PBK  black-out curtains, a gift from Jared’s Grandma, will help keep the room nice and dark since our front spotlight shines into her room at night. The pink toy bench is filled with many thoughtful gifts from many special friends. I know Olivia will love playing with them all. Of course I had to fill a basket full of books to begin reading to her at a young age.

Sitting on the little yellow rocking chair (another great garage sale find, by the way) is a bunny–similar to what I carried with me every day as a baby–and Olivia’s first doll, both from my mom.

I’ve had the white shelf with baskets for several years but love how the beautiful lamp and picture frames, both gifts from friends, add such a feminine touch to the room. I can’t wait to fill all of the picture frames with photos of our sweet girl.

I was happy to find the white shelves, white changing table tray and dresser all at garage sales as well. It was fun to bargain hunt with my mom this summer and find ways to stretch our dollar while making the room look girly and cute.

So many special gifts from friends in this picture and I love how so many important people have contributed to making this such a sweet room. Inside the pink monogrammed vase painted by my sister-in-law is the outfit I came home from the hospital wearing. It seemed only fitting that it be displayed in the room as well.The dress was given by dear family friends that matched the room too beautifully not to display. The cross reads, “For this child, we have prayed” taken from 1 Samuel 1:27. A definite true statement and one I don’t want to forget.

I found the mirror at a garage sale this summer  as well and loved how it already matched the room so perfectly. I think the sweet pillow from a friend and the cushion made by mom look cute together sitting on the bench that Jared actually had back in his bachelor days! I love the PBK wall hooks given to me by my friend that provides a place to hang a sweater I wore as a baby along with two more sweet gifts from friends.

We are blessed to have a bathroom attached to Olivia’s room too. The PBK wall hooks were garage sale finds and hold her mostly handmade headbands so well. I can’t wait to put them on her!

I just love the way all of the bathroom accessories–all gifts–bring the gray, yellow, and pink together.

Sara also made the sweet wall hanging which I thought matched perfectly with the shower curtain.

Olivia, your room is ready! Now all we need is YOU!!

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