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Peace in the Waiting

Posted on September 9th, 2013

Last Wednesday was not my favorite day. I had to drink a disgusting liquid called Barium at 7 a.m. in preparation for my CT scan later that morning. I didn’t sleep that well the night before because of what loomed before me but after some prayers for peace, I remarkably felt pretty calm as I prepared for the procedure. (And even swallowed the glue-like drink without much agony!)¬†Because there is not enough research with Barium’s effects on babies, I also had to forgo nursing Olivia for the day. ¬†Unfortunately my sweet little girl did not take very kindly to the nursing restriction which made for quite a fussy day. But we managed and God sustained me with peace even as Olivia threw herself on the ground in protest of drinking with a bottle. (Oh boy, she has opinions!) Thankfully the sun came up the next day, we resumed routine and everyone was happier!

Since the CT scan, I have had to actively turn my thoughts to God as I wait for the results. My appointment is scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday) morning and I am eager to hear a good report. I am writing for two reasons -

1) I would love your prayers for peace for me as I wait and a good report if that is God’s will.

2) I wanted to share an excerpt of what I read in my Bible study this morning. In Beth Moore’s Living Beyond Yourself study, she focuses five lessons on the fruit of the Spirit of peace. In Day 4 of the lesson on peace, she instructs us to read the story of Lazarus dying before Jesus arrived in John 11. She summarizes the story and the lessons we can learn by saying:

“Several vital truths concerning the peace of God are woven into this unique scriptural account. Christ purposefully timed His absence from Lazarus during his critical illness. Consistently through God’s Word, illness and infirmity arise as opportunities for God’s work…Christ experienced peace in the midst of tears. Why did Christ Jesus cry? Because He saw the tears of His loved ones (vs 33-35). “He demonstrated His love” with tears of anguish, yet all the while His peace remained. Please understand this vital point of peace: peace means the absence of fear and turmoil, not the absence of pain and grief…

We can be filled with sadness and still possess a wonderful sense of God’s peace. Perhaps it is that moment beyond all others when the peace of God transcends all understanding…

Our goal is not the absence of sorrow in our grieving, but rather that we refuse to grieve “as those who have no hope” (1 Thess. 4:13). Perhaps right now you are walking through a time when the obvious actions of Christ in your behalf seems inconsistent with His professed love for you. Oh Beloved, can you see today that it is quite consistent with our Savior to:

  • go for the greater glory?
  • have us be void of all other explanations?
  • wait until many surround us who may put their faith in Him?

If you believe Him, He will show you His glory. Guaranteed” (pgs 106-107).

As I wait for my results, I am mindful that there are many others in my life waiting as well. A friend is waiting for her baby to arrive. Another is praying for healing in her marriage. Another friend, Lindsey (who I shared her story a couple of weeks ago), is ¬†holding onto God’s promises as she grieves the loss of her precious Sophie. You may be waiting right now too. I’m so grateful for the truth that though life may not be easy, we have a hope through Jesus Christ that overrides the pain. Praying that this truth can lodge its way into our hearts today as we wait.

“Since ancient times no one has heard,
no ear has perceived,
no eye has seen any God besides you,
who acts on behalf of those who wait for Him.”
Isaiah 64:4

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