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Safe Sunning for Baby and Me

Posted on March 19th, 2014

On this very dreary, rainy March day, SUNSHINE is on my mind. Partly because Jared and I just returned from a trip with Jared’s company to Aruba and partly because I miss summer so very, very much. Can I get an amen?!

While Jared and I were in Aruba, I was very conscious to make sure we did not get too much sun because of all of the articles I have read on the topic. But just as important is choosing a safe sunscreen. Today as I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I saw another article on sunscreen so I thought – what better day to read an article about the sun when it is pouring rain? I was reminded of many good insights so I encourage you to read it here. The essence of the article I think can be summed up in the closing paragraph:

“Being choosy about the type of sunscreen that you use for yourself and your family is critical. The best is one made from natural ingredients that protect you from damaging rays, don’t break down on the skin,  and allow at least some penetration of UVB rays for the production of vitamin D.”

When it comes to choosing a sunscreen, I always check mine out at the Environmental Working Group website (more information below). I also will pay more attention to the chemicals in sunscreen listed in this article to watch out for:  avobenzone, octocrylene, homosalate, octinoxate and octocrylene, vitamin A/retinol, and oxybenzone (the worst one). Most sunscreens contain these ingredients and so it is something I am beginning to notice and take action against so that my skin does not soak up chemicals while sunning. Here is another article that helped make sense of the chemicals.

Also, I had started a blog post about sunscreen last year around this time and for some reason I never posted it. (Well, I am sure I can figure out the reason. It centers around a cute and spunky little girl!) I thought I would post it now but please forgive the fact that it is written a year ago. However, the information is still important and current.

Oh, that the warm sun would come and stay soon!


I am so overjoyed that summer is finally here. I remember thinking in January as I bounced my newborn and looked outside at my snow-covered lawn that summer would never come. And now it’s here and I am trying my best to soak it up because it always seems to fly by.

For me, my approach to summer has become quite different now with sweet Olivia in tow. When I’m on my daily walk outside, I am now constantly pulling the sun shade further over Livi’s not-yet-sunkissed legs and positioning her hat and sunglasses over her eyes to block the sun. (Although, let’s be honest, she keeps the sunglasses on for 3.5 seconds before yanking them off!)

So, it wouldn’t come as a surprise that I have been researching what sunscreens are safest for my little baby’s pure skin. Instead of rewriting the information that has already been written so well, I will direct you to two resources that were helpful for me.

This first article was written by a mom and highlighted six sunscreens that she says are safe for your little one. She defines “safe” as ones that received a low score of one or two on the Environmental Working Group’s website.

The six sunscreens she recommended were:

  1. Babyganics
  2. Burts Bees
  3. Beyond Coastal
  4. Blue Lizard
  5. Honest Sunscreen
  6. California Baby

Speaking of EWG, I have found their website very helpful in researching all of my skincare products, not just sunscreen. I encourage you to check out your make-up, shower gel, shampoo, lotion and anything else you put on your skin. (I personally  have used the brand Kiss My Face from Whole Foods, although it is not on the list above but is a “3″ on the EWG list.)

And since we’re on the topic of sun, I appreciated reading this article yesterday entitled “13 Foods That Fight Sunburn.” I listed the thirteen foods below but if you want more information, read the article. I learned many new tips that I didn’t already know.

  1. potatoes – apply topically.
  2. oatmeal – apply topically.
  3. green tea – I posted a yummy recipe here.
  4. pomegranate – I love these yummy recipes.
  5. strawberries – apply topically.
  6. cucumbers – apply topically.
  7. guavas – Well, that’s a new one for me. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted one in my life! I will add that to my list. Meanwhile, I will focus on  foods rich in vitamin C like bell peppers, broccoli and strawberries because that is why guavas made the list!
  8. vinegar – apply topically.
  9. tomatoes – They’re rich in lycopene which helps protect again skin damage.
  10. calendula – apply topically.
  11. aloe – apply topically.
  12. lettuce – apply topically.
  13. fat-free milk – apply topically.

Any tried and true sun tips that you use?

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