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Super Smoothie Recipes

Posted on April 30th, 2014


I have been making and eating a healthy smoothie for over four years now. I have tweaked the recipe since I wrote about it and thought I would share it again. Mainly, I wanted to share it because I read an interesting article about a “Berry Brainy Blizzard Smoothie” that I wanted to post today as well. Annnnd…the real reason is it is finally getting warmer so smoothies sound much more appealing and refreshing!

My [tweaked] Super Savory Smoothie Recipe:

**Makes four smoothies.

2 Tbs. ground flaxseed [Make sure the flaxseed is ground so that you can receive all of the health benefits.]

2 Tbs. Barley Green [Read about the health benefits here and here. I bought mine through Ell Farm but I also found it online here.]

2 Tbs. Brewer’s Yeast [Read about the health benefits here. You can buy it online here or at Whole Foods.]

1-2 Tbs Whey Powder [Read about the health benefits here. My nutritionist recommended Biochem which you can find at Whole Foods.]

  • I do not use this any more because of the dairy component but maybe I should reread the health benefits and think about it. :)

½ tsp Cinnamon [Read about the health benefits here.]

1 6 oz. container organic yogurt

2 cups frozen berries [I buy frozen bags of Wild Blueberries and Mixed Berries at Costco but anything will work. Blueberries continue to be recommended for brain health. See the article here.]

1 banana (to make thicker)

A big handful (or two) of spinach or kale [Read about health benefits here.]

**Sometimes I add an avocado, a peeled orange or any other fruit that needs to be used.

Fill the remainder with water.


  • I have to give a shout-out to my beloved Vitamix. I had no idea the world I was missing before I had it! I know it is super expensive but we decided it was worth it because I make smoothies so often. The smoothie is literally finished blending in two minutes and it takes another two minutes to clean the blender. Totally worth it in my book. (I bought mine at Costco which is the least expensive place I have found it.)

I was happy to see that my smoothie was similar to the “Anti-Flu Super Smoothie” that was posted on The Super Healthy Kids website. The author also includes really helpful information about the ingredient benefits as well.

And if you wanted to compare one more smoothie recipe, here is the “Berry Brainy Blizzard Smoothie.”

Any other ingredients you add in your smoothie that I haven’t mentioned? Please share!

Here’s to a healthy summer with lots of cups full of smoothies!


Is it ready yet, Mommy?


Olivia always goes to find her little cup for me to pour the smoothie into when she sees me get out the Vitamix. I love that she is on board too!

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