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Thankful Thursday: Joy Dare #2

Posted on February 16th, 2012


10: 3 times you heard laughter today: a friend’s daughter being tickled, a friend laughing at my husband’s jokes, my husband able to enjoy himself after a long week of work

11: 3 gifts found in working: a clean bedroom, a stack of clean clothes in the laundry basket, a sparkling kitchen counter

12: 3 hard eucharisteos [I had to look up the meaning of this word and it means "to be grateful."]: this time in my life to enjoy rest even when I would love to have children, the difficult road of cancer, the waiting

13: 3 gifts found behind a door today: warmth, laughter, hugs

14: 3 ways you feel the love of God: not always giving me what I want, meeting me in my disappointment, giving me a gentle husband to do life with

15: a gift in losing something, in finding something, in making something: reorganized closets, rest, confidence

16: 3 gifts in shadows: the warm-ish sun beaming through the window = that equals three for me today!

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