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Who Do You Say God Is?

Posted on October 12th, 2011

Wednesday Wisdom Well

This well serves a unique drink:
Words that refresh and cause you to think.

While riding home on the bus today after visiting my grandparents in Northern Ohio, I worked on my Bible study, Believing God by Beth Moore. I am thoroughly enjoying the truths she presents in this study, as well as the way she challenges us to reflect on what our faith is based upon. She poses the question: “Who do YOU say God is?” She further expands by saying:

“If we are going to…believe God, our plumb line for measuring the accuracy of biblical concepts must be the Bible itself, not what we’ve seen or heard. We must also be willing for God to broaden our biblical concepts of wo He is and what He can do. Keep in mind that our human tendency is to affirm and reaffirm spiritually and biblically what we already believe rather than to search and consider the whole counsel of the Word. Each of us tends to have a cut-and-paste theology based on the various denominational views…Where I discover that my trained belief system lacks biblical supoort, I respectfully want to have enough courage to believe what God says over what people say.

All of us have had many teachers of theology, whether official or unofficial, formal or informal. Life experiences are teachers. Conversations overhead are teachers. Television can be a frighteningly powerful teacher of theology. To some extent, even nature is a teacher. Obviously, parents, schoolteachers, Bible and Sunday School teachers, and preachers dramatically influence and shape each of our theologies. I’d like to suggest to you in love and without a hint of disrespect that some of our favorite teachers may have helped us package our faith in a neat little boxes and even handed us the wrapping paper and bows as if we need not know another thing. Meanwhile, we may be helping others do the same. We think we’ve got God in those boxes, but we don’t. No matter how many Ph.D.’s a professor has or how trustworthy our parents have been about every other subject or how beautifully, intelligently or lovingly the box is decorated, God doesn’t fit…

Most of our belief systems are deeply rooted. Long-held but biblically unsupported implants will not budge without our willingness to allow God to uproot and replace them. I hope you’ll take heart in this assurance: any part of our belief systems the Holy Spirit desires to uproot will be replaced with something better and far more adventurous. Dear One, anything not of the Lord is always the lesser” (pg 32).

Here’s to the faith adventure!

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